Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey, a Carputer!

Here’s something which gizmo freaks must check out. My friend, Abhinav a.k.a. Twinky a.k.a. Gadget Guru installed a mini-computer in his Corsa a few months back - it has a 40 GB hard disk, and works as a GPS (Yup, with digital maps of Chennai), Music Player, Movie Player and it’s armed with a touch-screen monitor. The dude installed the device all by himself. Here are the pictures of the ‘Carputer’ as Abhinav has named it.

For those of you in India, who want to install a GPS Navigation System in your car, it may be worth checking out the Navigator. It's brought to you by MapMyIndia.com in conjunction with Delphi.

Note: Total setup cost was approx. Rs. 30,000.

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