Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If Drucker was alive, he'd have blogged...

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) - the leading founder of the field of management and the most influential management thinker in the second half of the 20th century was also a prolific writer with his body of work spread over 39 books. Reading a small part of his body of work has, by far, been a more productive exercise than the 2 years I spent at a well-renowned b-school.

For those who wish to make a start, I recommend 'The Daily Drucker' - a book that comes very close to being a blog. In the book, Drucker has assembled his most powerful ideas in the form of 366 readings, one for each day of the calendar year. Culled from his lifetime of writings, each writing comprises of an insight, detailed in 200-500 words, accompanied with a call to action, and space at the bottom of the page for the readers to scribble their comments. And as Drucker himself writes about the book,

"The most important part of this book is the blank spaces at the bottom of its pages. They are what the readers will contribute: their actions, decisions, and the results of these decisions. For this is an action book."

As I read and re-read The Daily Drucker, I am convinced that if Drucker was alive, he'd have had a blog by the same name. Each day, the RSS feed would have populated our Feed Readers with one insight from the great man. Also, just like he urges his readers to use the white space below each reading, visitors to his blog would have been urged to contribute with their comments.

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Abitha said...

The one thing a writer appreciates the most is readership and response to what he writes. Though a lot of blogs are passing on Drucker theories to the rest of the community, I guess Drucker even when he has shared so much of his insights with us, would have had some more to give had he blogged. Such is is the power of interactivity! It triggers Newton's third law of motion ( here ofcourse it is thought power) and brings out the best from the mind.