Sunday, January 6, 2008

The boy-next-desk turns CEO

When I joined my current organization in Feb 2006, I met up with an extremely smart 21-year old techie named Murli who worked on SEO/SEM initiatives for one of our portals. He was always scouting for freelance projects to leverage his geekiness and make some additional money. Sometime in Jul/Aug 2006, one of his clients invited him for a permanent position at a substantially higher pay. Or so he told all of us. And he moved on.

I pretty much lost touch with Murli after that and only recently did I chance to visit his Orkut/LinkedIn profile on seeing his New Year wishes. And I was pleasantly surprised that Murli has gone on to found a company of his own called Horizon InfoVentures. And Horizon has already seen some fame and success. They have a property listings portal called RealAcres, and the portal was amongst the 13 winners from India at the Red Herring 100 Asia 2007 Awards.

I was also able to dig up a video of Murli being interviewed by Joel Dreyfuss, the Editor-in-Chief at Red Herring magazine. It's quite refreshing, but strange, to see Murli in a formal suit giving spiel. He'd always come to office in a t-shirt and denims. Never thought I'd see him like this.

Rock on Murli! All of us who have worked with you are proud of your achievements and it surely has inspired many of us to take the plunge.


Murli Ramkrishnan said...

Hey Nimish,

that was a nice post.... and I was surprised!

must say start-up is fun and adventurous...
hey n thank u all....for those kind words!


Nimish V Adani said...

Hey Murli,

Hope your organization and you go places.


Nimish V Adani said...
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Abhishek Shah said...

this is definately inspiring !

nimesh now u got to be the next one ;-)

i had a plan for a indian mba networking platform - perhaps ill follow on ur path !

Nimish V Adani said...


Thanks for encouraging me to be the next one. However, it's more about knowing what you enjoy doing. As of now, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges confronting me at my current organization. When that stops happening or when there is a stronger urge to do something by myself, I surely shall take the plunge.