Friday, January 18, 2008

Skin business on Facebook

Yup! After completely taking over the Classifieds sections of major print publications (Times of India and Hindustan Times), escort services are now using Social Networks to promote their services.

First, escort services create a series of fake profiles on Orkut with revealing pictures of pretty looking girls. They then kick off conversations with other Orkut members and add them as friends. Those with an inclination to use escort services get hooked, numbers are exchanged and the business gets rolling.

Well, a friend of mine recently pointed out how these guys have even started tapping users on the more-secure Facebook network. Here, a fake profile is created and the same is used to create 'compelling' Marketplace listings (Screenshot attched). The listing reads "I am an airhostess to meet me visit

And when you visit the site mentioned, you are taken to a site which was earlier hosted under the domain attached). Note: Chamadi in Hindi means Skin. Here, you have details of the escort services like fees and contact numbers, gallery, etc.

I don't know whether this would be considered by Facebook as an abuse of their services. Or whether they'd take it off after one has reported the same. The print industry in India definitely doesn't have a problem with such ads and seem to make copious amounts of money from the advertisers. I only hope that the online industry doesn't follow suit.


Joe said...

Fake profiles and Spam scraps/messages are going to be one of the biggest challenge for SN sites, going forward.

I simply dont understand as to why the leading newspapers are cool about having weird "maasage" and "Escort" ads. The TOI , HT classified sections are infested by these ads. Some of the ads are really hilarious to read ;)...Good "timepass" to read them.

Nimish V Adani said...

And it's amusing to see print media going up in arms, publishing stories, about digital media being misused by people.

G Praveen Kumar said...

boss...when revenue is coming in any form today no one has the moral values to keep a check on such things..

Nimish V Adani said...

Praveen, while I understand the ToI & HT doing it for money, I am surprised that neither the Government nor the activist elements have come out against the classifieds about escort services.

G Praveen Kumar said...

Nimish, now they can't stop a service which could be helpful to them at some point of time ;-) and the activist elements don't even get good publicity for objecting such things too

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