Monday, December 3, 2007

A note for professionals walking in to the Internet industry

"The important thing is to identify the future that has already happened." - Peter F. Drucker

If you are an Internet industry professional, the most efficient way to action this bit of advice from Drucker is to get reading blogs focused on the developments in the Internet space. Here's the list of blogs I read daily:
O'Reilly Radar, TechCrunch, GigaOM, Web Worker Daily, Rough Type, Mashable, Read/WriteWeb, Scobleizer, Official Google Blog, WATBlog, ContentSutra, AlooTechie.
The last three on this list are specific to the Indian Internet industry.

P.S.: You obviously can't be visiting all of these sites on a daily basis. So get smart, and aggregate all the news feeds to your account on Google Reader.

Update (Dec 16, 2007): Some additions to the list of blogs specific to the Indian Internet industry -, VentureWoods


Joe said...

God level suggestion dude :)

BTW, will you please stop diluting our core competencies by giving it away for free ;)...bwahahahaha

Nimish V Adani said...

Joe, how I wish people would take me seriously enough to follow the advice that I put up on this blog. :) Hopefully, by offering it free, some would willingly take it (just as the Reliance Mobile ad would want me to believe).

Joe said...

I took it seriously. The reason is very simple that we hardly have a decent blog from someone who is "working" on the business side in the Internet Industry. You are in a "Niche Segment" Nimish... Rock on :)

I am a proud Google Reader user now :d

Nimish V Adani said...

Thanks Joe, guys like you are my inspiration to keep blogging. Lot of fresh stuff coming soon.

G Praveen Kumar said...

sarkar....good information, any idea of making ur blog a paid access site :-) soon..

Nimish V Adani said...

Nope Praveen, I don't see the site ever turning paid. Even if I become a rockstar one day. ;)

chacha said...

yup rite not sure when, though I am trying to let them do.. grab a chnace