Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now check cricket scores on Google

Are you missing live cricket action because of a ban on cricket sites at your workplace? Google has some good news for you.

You can simply access Google News India and you'd see all the latest cricket scores. 'If there's a cricket match going on somewhere in the world (and there always is) you will have the latest information available.'

As you can see from the screenshot, the default feed comes in from Cricbuzz, and you also have the option to choose Cricinfo and Willow. I am really glad to see Google giving preference to Cricbuzz over the other two better known names - a. Cricbuzz, without a doubt, has the fastest ball-by-ball commentary; b. One of Cricbuzz' founder, Piyush, is a friend of mine and I have seen their site grow to its current stature from the time they kicked it off.

BTW, Guruji, the search engine for Indian content, launched a similar feature quite some while ago. When you run a search for the keyword "cricket," they display the latest cricket scores above the search results. Once again, this feature on Guruji is powered by Cricbuzz.

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