Thursday, December 20, 2007

I love my job!

Posting this just after having launched a new portal, I well and truly believe that this is by far the best loan portal to hit the Indian market.

While I truly would want users to echo this sentiment, I sure am thrilled. I am thrilled about the fact that I've built an über-simple Web 2.0-styled UI with über-complex back-end algorithms. Moreover, the portal's up and running finally - just the way I envisioned it.

The endless nights spent at work by myself and my team to make the launch happen finally feel worthwhile. Moments such as these are what keep me going at work.


Michael Bala said...

Congrats Nimish. I saw the Site. WoW.

"Feed a Hungry man today and he would be hungry tommorow." I think this is by far the success of loan and fastest way of converting needs to wants.

I am sure this is going to do well.

Good Luck.

Jitendra said... is another achievement in nimish's career. Yes this is going to be the best loan portal in Indian market. I am sure it will hit max no. of visitors.

Congrats Nimish..

Keep launching many more new portals for the indian needs.

Joe said...

Congrats Nimish :)

Site looks awesome and all set to rock :)

Me likey the color combo. Looks ultra contemporary.

This is probably the most [b]intelligent[/b] indian site , so far..way to go dude :d

Asher said...

Awesome Site, the on the fly "interaction" factor (SMS code required for activation) is super awesome. So is the alternating alphabets and numbers. Usability wise, its simple yet provides the user with a certain level of confidence. Also like the title of the post..
Way to go!

Nimish V Adani said...

A big thanks to all of you for the appreciation and the wishes. Do send in your recommendations as well.

G Praveen Kumar said...

good site...nice job...wish it should become the no 1 site for this section..

Nimish V Adani said...

Praveen, that would happen - slowly but surely. The key success factor in this business is having multiple lenders for all kinds of loans and being able to service their requirements. Since there has been a lot of work that has gone in to that aspect, results would follow. Hopefully, in the next three months.

AS said...

Sorry to be rude, but the site is in PINK
and is definitely more web 1.0,
you guys need to hire some UI engineer please...
Your site looks so Indian just by the looks.

Nimish V Adani said...

Hi Asankhaya,

Glad to hear some negative feedback. Keeps me grounded.

Have a few questions for you though?

A. What's your problem with PINK? Flickr employs pink. So does So does Odeo. And all of these are pioneers in the web 2.0 space. I don't claim to be a pioneer but seriously the problem lies in your head. It seems to me you just can't accept anything that ain't orthodox.

B. Web 1.0?
What measure have you used for this? I mean I accept LoanWala isn't a Web 2.0 site. The business model was never meant to be Web 2.0. It's just the usability part that I refer to as Web 2.0. Have you tried filling the Loan Application Form or using the Calculators on the site? Or do you belong to the ilk who reviews books by seeing their cover.

C. Require UI engineers?
I think you need to look into a mirror. I just checked your blog and all the stuff you've been up to. Just an hour of HTML and design classes to a high school student would yield something better than what you've done till date.

D. Indianness of the site?
Dude, the site is meant for an Indian audience. I really feel sad that you are unable to appreciate anything Indian. Also we are here to do business and make money than look international.

E. You may be sorry about being rude but you needn't be. 'Cos it makes no difference to me. I pride myself in what I do and I can distinguish a BSing critic like you from those who have something valid to say.

Avnish said...

Great job Nimish as always,

You have a product which separates you from the pack. There is value for the customer but more importantly there is value for the banks.

There is another feature/calculator which you can add - banks do a risk profiling based on income stream and then they decide on the total amount of loan which the customer is eligible for. All kinds of loans including creddit cards are covered under this. And then during a new loan application your loan eligibility is this amount minus the total value of existing loans.

Nimish V Adani said...

Thanks for the inputs Avnish. I shall do the needful and will get in touch with you if I need help.